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About Our Founders

Deena Marie Jimerson (Founder & CEO)

Deena Marie Jimerson is a Philadelphia native that grew up in the suburbs of Upper Dublin, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of the late Terri Beale, who has certainly made her own footprints in life and an unforgettable mark in society by touching the lives of families who were in need of housing. She made that dream a reality through real estate. Deena Marie has a proven track record of more than 17 years in the real estate/finance industry and has built a real estate empire from the ground up by God's grace and with the help of her family.

Her journey and position has afforded her the opportunity to work closely with cancer patients, stroke victims, and the elderly. She was the primary caregiver for both her sisters while suffering with cancer, and after they both passed at age 29, she went on to show selfless compassion to others facing the same circumstances.

Deena Marie has more than 17 years of experience caring and assisting individuals with day-to-day in-home operations, making sure they are functioning independently in their comfort zone. A graduate of Temple University with a BA Degree in Organizational Communication and a mother of two, she is filled with passion for life. She has worked in the corporate realm, at JP Morgan Chase for over 10 years while helping consumer dreams of becoming homeowners  a reality. She has helped homeowners throughout all fifty states strategically work out their debt load by consolidating and giving them a fresh start. She was inspired to start her own home health care agency after losing both her sisters to breast cancer and her mother to complications of breast cancer treatments early in life. She was the primary caregiver for all her family members, and she wants to see other families get the same personalized, compassionate treatment.

As Deena Marie speaks the last words of her late sister, Daynese Madearis, in her last hour, "We Win." 

"I am who but a vessel, called to make a difference in the lives of many." —Deena Marie Jimerson


Ebone Marie is a Global Studies student that Graduated from New York University studying in London England ,Washington DC & New York City . Ebone Marie sheds her light and compassion on many in need with food & Donated clothing in the Philadelphia community & surrounding areas . Ebone Marie is a volunteer at the women & Kids homeless Shelter in Philadelphia since 2017. Ebone marie has Traveled across the globe after losing Both her Aunts from 2013 to present to spread the word about breast cancer awareness and alternative integrated treatments . This has led Ebone into being very instrumental in creating a Platform for individuals suffering with Cancer and ultimately Co-Founding WE WIN ABUNDANT HOMECARE,an organization to assist disabled people live comfortably with a better quality of life in their own homes.